In this post we will see 30 cheap electronic products from AliExpress for $3 or less, including free shipping to most countries. All product links to these gadgets are right below the pictures.


  US $1.99        |Universal Quality Micro Usb Charging Desktop Charger Stand Dock Station Cell Phone For Samsung Huawei Lg Xiaomi Charging Phones

  US $1.94       There are many cheap and useless earphones on AliExpress, but it is still possible to find reasonably priced ones below $5. Like ones with all-aluminum earbud shells. They have a carbon fiber diaphragm, a volume switch, a microphone, and a separate button to start and end calls without having to reach for your phone.

US $2.93 – 3.84              |Hot Ultrathin 2.4GHz Foldable Wireless Arc Optical Mouse Mice with Mini USB Receiver for Pad PC Laptop Notebook Computer


The second product is this handy USB LED light. It looks like something Xiaomi would make, but it seems to be a no-name light. I use it as a backup lantern with a power bank when I go camping. The light starts working as soon as you insert it, and it produces warm white light. The light is bendable, although it is not as cooperative as you would want it to be. Still, it is a good purchase at only a $1 with free shipping.

US $0.09 – 0.15               |1pc Usb Keyboard Lights USB LED Lamp Portable Super Bright USB LED Lights For Power Bank Computer PC Laptop Notebook Desktop New


Have you ever seen those old-school apple commercials, or Jabbawokeez’ performance? These lights would light up any night outing, whether you are going to a music festival, or for a night out in town, you weirdo. They are fully bendable, and each strip is 2 meters, or about 6.5 feet long. The lights require a power source of some sort, and I will link one in the description.

US $1.17                         |1M Led Flexible EL Wire Neon Lights Glow Lamp Light Strip Festival Party House Home Decorations Strip Lights String Lamp


A flashlight is a necessity when you camp overnight, and a useful thing to have around the house, if, for example, the lights go out, or if you need to do something at night or in a dark room without waking others up. This one has a light bar on the side to work as a light bar to light up close spaces, as well as a separate bulb on top to work on the distance.

US $1.88            |Mini COB LED Flashlight Multi-purpose Emergency Working Light Magnet Pocket Clip-on Super Bright Camping Pen light Torch Lamp