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favorite childhood memory

Concealing your companion’s lunchbag when he’s out to piss. Quietly acting like nothing happened when he’s bustling scanning for it during the mid-day break.

Chalk war and pen-battle when the educator isn’t anywhere near.

Acting like you’re God when you become the class screen and compose the names of the individuals who talk in class, toward the side of the writing board.

Passing on the lunch box and assembling a smidgen of all the nourishment in the class in the guise of tasting.

Applying Fevicol on your enemy’s seat/seat and hanging tight for him to put his rear end on it.

Playing pinball in PC lab when your instructor isn’t taking a gander at your work area.

Imagining that you’re a wizard like Harry Potter stayed with muggles and utilizing arbitrary spells at individuals.

Returning late from the P.T class just to gobble up 10–15 minutes of the following science class.

Quietly seeking after an opportunity to sit adjacent to your pulverize during all the school tests.

Concentrating just a large portion of the schedule for the test and accepting all the inquiries would come uniquely from what you’ve considered.

Calling irregular crappy epithets of your closest companion when his pulverize enters the study hall and takes a gander at him.

Standing by truly for your pound at the cycle stand claiming to clean your Hercules MTB until she grins/waves at you from her Ladybird.

Visiting the sanctuary and influencing all the Gods during result day.

Strolling around the school passage scaring and flaunting your rank to all the youngsters.

Reviling the P.T sir at the top of the priority list with all the terrible words learnt longer than 10 years when his iron-scale leaves a blemish on your butt.

Amazing your preferred instructor during educator’s day and seeing her grin throughout the day.

Playing with Pokemon and WWE cards under the work area and getting tossed out of the class.

Embracing everybody you cherished and despised, on the most recent day of school.


Claiming to be Shaktimaan/Superman by wearing a towel as a robe and going around the house saying discoursed. Fanciful shooting of cobweb as well.

Not missing the Cartoon Network and Disney plan. Powerpuff young ladies, Scooby-Doo, Power-officers, Wizards of waverly spot, Phineas and Ferb and some more.

Indecently remaining before the neighbor uncle and asking for the cricket ball which entered his compound while playing road cricket. Constantly.

Spending the entire Diwali day blasting those minor bijili saltines individually and sparing some for the following day.

Mimicking WrestleMania on the bed with a pad and breaking the bunk.

Supper time with family without cell phones and TV.

Playing carrom board on Sunday evenings, ludo, business and chess on Saturdays.

Getting amped up for visiting the perusing community during assignments and school ventures.

Sitting tight for that one hot scene in a film while viewing HBO and Star motion pictures when guardians aren’t anywhere near.

Attempting to bounce on father’s Hero-Honda wonder and giving the kicker an extreme time.

Getting slapped/utensils tossed by mother for all the barbarities caused in the area.

Remaining on the edge of the door and moving to and fro with a happiness.

Hanging tight for birthday, Diwali, and Pongal to go out on the town to shop in T.Nagar and eating at a café.

Asking your mother for alpenliebe candy, Lays, and Maggi noodles, everytime you go to the market with her.

Getting amped up for the train venture from Chennai to Mangalore each late spring to visit Grandma.

Holding back to embrace Grandma and eat up her nourishment.

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