Corona Virus, Which Technology Companies Are Benefits?

Technology companies are also benefiting from the corona virus where the global economy is suffering.

According to a foreign news agency report, the spread of the Corona virus in the world is causing many economic and social changes. Small companies are forced to restrict the workforce to homes. Online platforms are also being used to connect with family and friends living in the same city.

According to a report in Europe, the country affected by the Corona virus in Italy, WhatsApp calls and messages increased by 20% Similarly, the use of Skype has increased by 100%.

In many countries

In these situations the video conferencing software zoom company has a huge advantage. The use of its software for video conferencing and streaming has increased manifold.

In addition, Google and Microsoft are also providing free access to video conferencing and live document calibration services. The use of mobile applications that support messaging, education and other tasks has increased manifold.

In a large part of the population in these countries, people are turning to online platform for other entertainment content. Because of this, platforms such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix will generate many times more profits in terms of advertising, experts say.

AxisNow, a non-profit organization working on Internet access and access rights around the world, says the need for fast and secure broadband has increased in the situation created by the Corona virus epidemic. Especially low income

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